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  • The Showings Must Go On!

    The Showings Must Go On!

    Now more than ever, weĀ must re-imagine, reinvent and think outside of the box.

    In this article, you will learn:

    • How to create a Facebook Business Account
    • How to create an event on your Facebook Business Account
    • How to host your Facebook live open house.Ā 
    • Tips on Hosting Virtual Open Houses
    • Ideas on how to market your virtual live open house

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  • Why we use Emojis and how they can help sell your listings

    Over 90% of people today use emojisĀ  and over 10 Billion emojis are sent each day (Source)! From Baby Boomers to Millennials we've all become acc...
  • 3 Tips to help gain new clients and new listings

    Gaining new clients is an art form. Here are 3 tips to help gain referrals and new listings.Ā Using an Under Contract sign and then a Sold sign is one of the best ways to gain new clients but don't stop there. Keep reading for innovative tips on taking it to the next level.