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The Showings Must Go On!

 Facebook Live Open House

Have you read the book "Who Moved My Cheese?" by best-selling author, Dr. Spencer Johnson. If not, here's a quick summary-  "Who Moved My Cheese" is a parable about four mice who are used to eating cheese to nourish them and make them happy. (The Cheese is a metaphor for what we want in life: Success, Money, Freedom, Health, Recognition, New House, Etc.). Their cheese is easy to find and always in the same location. One day their cheese is gone. It moved. In the end each mouse takes its own journey to adapt, change and move to find new cheese to survive and thrive. 

Our Cheese Has Moved!

Our cheese has been moved

The Showings Must Go On!

Now more than ever, we must re-imagine, reinvent and think outside of the box.

Are you ready? First, think of this 🤔 Perfection Doesn't Exist. Don't let fear of not being perfect get in the way of trying. The first time at anything is always the hardest. Each subsequent time get's a little easier and a little better. The important first step is taking the first step. 

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to create a Facebook Business Account 
  • How to create an event on your Facebook Business Account
  • How to host your Facebook live open house. 
  • Ideas on how to market your virtual live open house

Benefits: (Why?)

  1. Win the listing- Learning this new skill can be used in your listing presentations to help overcome objections and demonstrate you are the right agent
  2. Leads-Capture Leads Virtually of buyers that don't have an agent yet and then Win the Listing
  3. Network- Build your Facebook Network/Audience for future marketing
  4. Gain Referrals- Be seen as an innovator that figures out a way to get the home sold even in these unprecedented times
  5. Sales-Get your listing showings that lead to sales by thinking outside the box

Step 1: Creating a Facebook Business Account 

For many reasons, we recommend having a personal Facebook account and a Business Facebook Account. Here are the steps to create a Facebook Business Account.

1. Go to your personal Facebook page (If you don't have one, create one)

2.  In the upper right hand corner, Click Create and then select "Page"

Create Facebook Business Page

3. Click "Get Started" under Business or Brand

4. Fill in the Prompts and Select Continue

5. Add a Profile Photo and Cover Photo

After you've created your page, you can then invite your clients friends to "Like" your personal page. In the middle right section of your page, click on Invite Friends:


You now have a Business Facebook page where the possibilities are endless and can advertise, collect leads, host virtual open houses, connect with colleagues and groups, etc. We will post more on all of these topics in the future. Let's move on to step 2....Creating an event


 Step 2: Creating an Event

Creating an event on your Facebook Business page is like creating a Google or Outlook Meeting invite. Once you create the event, it is in your news feed, shared with your page's followers and can be shared with others. Reminders can also be scheduled. 

1. Go to your business Facebook Page Scroll down to where you would create a Post

2. Select "Create Event" 

3. Enter Event Details:

Continue entering details: Enter Day and Time and tag anyone co-hosting with you (optional)

Continue Entering Details: Under Options, Select Anyone can post if you would like everyone to be able to post comments. If you would like to approve comments before they are live on the page, check the box. Select to allow people to ask questions about your event on messenger. If you would like the guest list to be anonymous, Un-Check show guest list. These options and the view below are from the desktop view. The mobile view looks a little different and has less options.

Finally, Publish your event. 

Now that we have created our announcement of our Facebook Live open house, share it with your colleague and anyone you would like. Also, we will cover some ideas on how to market it later so keep reading 📖

Step 3: Hosting your Facebook Live Open House

 On the day of the open house, arrive 30 minutes early. Walk through the home, connect to WIFI, turn on all of the lights and open all of window coverings. Just like any showing, Lighting is important. 


Take a few deep breaths 😤 go to the front of the home and when you're ready.- On your phone, go to your business Facebook page scroll down to create and select Live. Once you go live, all of your followers will receive a notification.



  • Enlist the help of a team member, colleague, or loved one be present with you during the open house. They should join the stream let you know if there are questions as you are going through the home and answer them in text on the computer or phone. 2 is always better than one.
  • Connect to the Home's Wifi before starting Facebook Live if you can. The quality of the stream depends on having good connection
  • Test the Live Video prior by using the "Only Me" privacy setting
  • Reintroduce yourself and the property address often for those who join late and remind everyone the complete video will be posted on your page following the Live Stream
  • Have your brochures, Notes and MLS info readily available for reference and questions. If a question isn't known or the answer is lengthy, suggest following back up personally after the open house (this will also help you connect personally with the potential buyer)
  • Plan 3-5 great features of the home that you must show and write them down
  • Just as you would in a traditional open house, arrive early, turn on all of the lights and do a walk through prior.
  • Just as you would in a traditional open house, start on the outside and bring the audience in as they are walking through the house with you for the first time. 
  • Don't worry about making mistakes or stutters. Its normal and no one/ nothing is perfect.
  • Have Fun and Interact early! Thank everyone for joining, let them know what you love about the house, ask how they are doing and encourage questions.
  • Remember to say goodbye, thank everyone for joining and ask for the sale- Before you end the broadcast tell everyone how they can purchase or schedule a showing.

Family viewing virtual showing

As we close this section and move on to ideas for advertising, here's another thought 💭🤔 This type of technology doesn't have to just be for Facebook live Open Houses. When a friend was selling her home, she lived in a transient area by an Army Base. The family who purchased her home 1 year ago before COVID-19, did so without being there in person. My friend's agent conducted multiple Private "showings" via FaceTime. From those showings, a family who was military and transferring to the base purchased her home without seeing it in person for above asking price and relied on the inspection to find any potential gaps. 

Ideas for Marketing:

1. Postmojis New Customizable Open House 6 x 24 Riders and 12 x 18 or 18 x 24 Open House Signs are easy to order and arrive quickly. All signs typically arrive in 2-3 days. See the full assortment here



Facebook Live Open House Instructions

 Facebook Live Open House Sign Customizable

Zoom Showings Available


2. Share the Event you created with your network on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 

3. Join and Post the event link and details in Facebook Open House Groups

4. "Boost" your post for potential buyers in the area who are interested in Real Estate. 

5. Check with your local MLS, Zillow and to see if this option can be supported and advertised through traditional open house marketing methods

6. Market your virtual open house on Waze. Its relatively inexpensive and potential buyers using Waze navigation to explore neighborhoods they love or on their way to another showing will see your listing and the open house link

To Continue reading more on this topic. NAR also just posted some helpful links on virtual showings and virtual tours:

    “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” - Thomas A. Edison

    It took Thomas Edison over 10,000 tries to make the light bulb that we all enjoy today. What if he stopped at 10,000? Each time you try you give yourself an opportunity to succeed! Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn. Don't be afraid of failure and/or change. Embrace it!

    Need help? We are here for you. Email us at or call or text us at (727) 282-5326



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