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Why we use Emojis and how they can help sell your listings

Over 90% of people today use emojis 

and over 10 Billion emojis are sent each day (Source)! From Baby Boomers to Millennials we've all become accustomed to adding emojis to text messages, emails, social media posts, chats, conversations, instant messages, DMs, etc because emojis add feeling and emotion. Many times emojis just say it better than words ever could.

The Research

There are many research studies out there on Emojis as their use and popularity continues to grow. Adobe recently surveyed adults 16-73. The findings showed over half of emoji users are more likely to interact with a brand that uses emojis.  The survey also concluded that Emoji's best days are ahead. Another study shows that marketing emails are opened 60% of the time with emojis in the subject line.  Emojis in social media are also highly effective. Facebook posts that include emojis achieve 57% more likes and 33% more comments and shares. Tweets containing emojis gain over 25% more engagement. Instagram posts with emojis also had 15% more interactions than posts without emojis. 83% of Instagram Profiles with over 1 Million followers used emojis!  

Emojis In Real Estate

Real Estate is personal and emotional. Real Estate Riders are like text messages for your listings that speak for you to potential buyers arriving for a showing, passing by looking for a home in your listings neighborhood or on their way to another showing nearby. If only there was an option to add emojis to Real Estate Riders! But wait there is 😀! We created Postmojis Real Estate rider signs to help create an emotional connection with potential buyers, create more visibility with bright, eye catching colors that attract more buyers and to help you gain more referrals and clients as according to Adobe's research 81% of Emoji users believe that people who use emojis are more friendly and more approachable. We think this is the perfect recipe to help you sell your listings quickly for top dollar and gain more referrals from happy clients. If you haven't tried our Postmojis yet, now is the perfect time to try something new🙌

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