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3 Tips to help gain new clients and new listings

Signage Marketing

Using an under contract sign and then a Sold sign is one of the best ways to gain new clients but don't stop there. Keep reading for innovative tips on taking it to the next level.

Professional¬†Photosūüí°In anticipation of the home going under contract and the sale, while you are present for the professional home photos, have the photographer take a photo of you holding the under contract sign and sold sign. Keep reading for tips on how to utilize these professional photos

Social MediaSocial media can be your best friend in helping you gain more clients. Do you have¬†business¬†Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts? ūüí°Once you've gone under contract or have sold, post your success on social media utilizing the professional photo you had taken with the under contract or sold sign. Social Media outlets like Facebook also allow you to Boost your posts and utilize¬†Lead Generation Ads.¬†Boost your post to potential clients in around the zipcode where you just sold the property. Tag your clients of the property you just sold to congratulate them on the sale. ¬†To learn more about Social Media Marketing here are some great articles:¬†How to Set Up a Facebook Business¬†Page for Real Estate Agents¬†Lead Generation Ads¬†Facebook

Postmojis Sold and Under Contract Signs are more visible, enhance exposure and they just make people smile. That smile is exactly what we want when new clients dial you to help them sell their home the way you helped their neighbor. Additionally, new research from Adobe showed that people believe that if you use emojis you are more friendly and approachable.

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